How to save money on IT expenses with Appsumo

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Disclosure: I am an independent blogger and the reviews are done based on my own opinions. My posts may contain affiliate links. You won’t pay a single cent more if you buy something through one of those links. But I’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Click here to read the full disclosure policy. Thanks!

Get affordable lifetime deals of powerful digital tools to grow your business.

Trying to grow your business, but you have no direction on where / how to do it?

Unless you are familiar with the market, you will likely be drowned by the mass amount of digital tools available. Not to mention, most of them aren’t affordable either. It takes a lot of time to decide which offer to take on by reading multiple reviews and extensive testing with their trial versions. 

Luckily there’re a few reputable deal sites that “filtered” out the expensive options by offering irresistible lifetime deals to the hottest tech companies.

Check out Appsumo

Curated tools that help you save thousands of dollars.

Appsumo partners with multiple technology companies and offer an arsenal of tools for your business needs. New tools of different categories are added every month.

Back when I was a marketing manager at a local company in 2016, I started purchasing tools from them to become more efficient and achieve better results with a shorter time. 

For example, one of my favorite tools is a web platform that allows you to schedule Instagram posts from the web. 

I was a monthly subscriber paying $8.85USD per month to schedule posts for 3 Instagram profiles. Appsumo offered a lifetime deal of 6 Instagram accounts (worthed $17.70 monthly) for $49USD in 2016, I purchased the account immediately without hesitation. 

Calculating from Nov 2016 till now Aug 2020 (approx 45 months). I’ve saved $747.50 USD ($796.50 – $49) so far! I am still using this for my clients as I’ve yet to see any hassle-free Instagram free scheduler like what offered. How great is that?! 

Generous companies that honored their words and simply give and give.

Another notable purchase I’ve made is Plutio; I use this for project management and knowledgebase for my teammates. 

It was initially just a project management tool in 2017. Now it is filled with tons of features such as Contract/Proposal Templates,  in-house Wiki (knowledgebase), time tracking, calendar, CRM, forms & surveys, and more! 

It saved us a lot of time to keep track of the projects and have a separate conversation for each task. We use the “Conversation” function to suggest new ideas and cast our votes on it.

So how much did I save? The monthly subscription cost is currently $30/month for the lifetime deal I bought at $49USd (one-time payment) in Oct 2017 (approx 34 months). It means I have saved a total of $971 ($1020 – $49) so far and counting.Kudos to the founder for actively adding more features for his users. I am really glad to be one of the early adopters during its launch.

Awesome refund policy

Appsumo is also well-known for it No Question Asked refund policy. You can purchase the tools you’re keen to gain full access to the tool purchased, Appsumo offers a 60 days refund period if you are not happy with the tools.

But take note not to abuse this, recently there are cases where users purchased a lot of codes and requested a refund when they had troubles reselling them. Please be fair to others as there are transaction and administration fees incurred for each refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, Tech companies partner with Appsumo to gain publicity and users for their new launch. Early adopters get to enjoy lifetime access by paying a fraction of the actual costs. A win-win situation for all of us, isn’t it?

Lifetime deal means you will have access to what is offered by the company till it ceases operation. Appsumo tries to pick companies with long staying power. It is uncontrollable as business comes with potential risks for failure.

Just make sure you make full use of it right after your purchase to make it worthwhile.

The refund period is only 60 days, there are communities where users trade their accounts for cash. Please bear in mind the risk as scammers do exist in such communities.

It depends.  Some ways to identify a legit review is by:

  • Checking the number of deals the reviewer has bought and since when. Be vigilant on those who bought one deal and gives a five stars review.
  • You may notice some deal has an extraordinary number of reviews. The deal was likely listed before, e.g., Depositphotos offer similar deals once a year. Another reason is the company provides additional perks for buyers who posted a review, e.g., additional code, team member slot, etc. Nothing wrong about this as this encourages users to comment, and the company can improve their services from the reviews.

No, Appsumo gives free tools/ebooks occasionally. Their deals are usually $39, $49 or $69 per code. Some deals are stackable, which can cost as much as $500 or more for full-stack. 

E.g. 1 code for 1 website, 3 codes for unlimited websites. 

Read what is being offered and think if you really need it. I usually avoid non-lifetime deals and deals that don’t include future features as part of the package. 

Often you will see similar tools that are repeated. I do hold at least 2 similar tools in case one of them stopped operating. 

Don’t rush to buy, read the reviews, watch YouTube demo, or attend their webinars (if available) to better understand their products. 

Nope, some tools were purchased to fulfill one-off projects, not all of them are being used on my daily operation. Some examples are WordPress plugins, digital marketing tools, and online courses. I have a habit of keeping at least 2 similar tools as a backup or moved on to new tools that offer better features.

Appsumo offers a board collection of tools, some of the categories are:

  • CRM
  • Client Management
  • Course
  • Content
  • Data & Analytics
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting

I’ve bought more than 100 deals over the past 4 years.

I’m a web designer, almost half of the deals I purchased are related to web development. And I love to explore new things to upgrade myself, hence I do have purchases that are placed in my stash for a long time until I pick them up. 

One example is SEO tools such as Serpstat and SE Rankings. I believe it will come in handy for my future projects and it indeed I’m beginning to apply them on my websites now. 

Around 1/5 of the deals are free, who doesn’t like free stuff? Lol, most of them are eBooks, courses, and resources for digital marketing and growing your business.

As far as I can remember, 4 tools had ceased operations. 2 of them are WordPress theme & page builder that became obsolete after the release of the Gutenberg feature in WordPress. 

Of course. I bought credits for Animatron and didn’t realize the credits are valid for one year only. Be sure to redeem your purchase within the redemption period. 

There are a few tools that I didn’t try and ask for a refund within 60 days. They are either a niche industry or works for selected countries only. I was too busy back then as it slips off my mind. Don’t be like me. Haa.

Well, there are tools that I regret not buying too, and paid full price for it. 


Overall, I am pleased with my purchases and excited to see the new tools released monthly. The tools helped me grow my businesses and increase the number of services I can offer to my clients. 

I highly recommend Appsumo, especially if you’re keen to get into freelancing or starting a new business. Be sure not to procrastinate and do work diligently towards your dream. Please don’t waste money buying excellent tools and not using them.

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it answered any questions you may have. Do feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions. 

Click the link below to see the latest offer available now!

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