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When I just started as a freelancer, I realized there’s a lot to master and explore creative projects. With a limited budget, where do you learn and obtain free resources to build your portfolio? 

This is a list that I have been using. Hope it helps!

Stock Images & Graphics:

  1. Pexels / Pixabay
    High quality royalty free images and videos. You can find illustration, music and vector graphics in Pixabay too.
  2. Freepik
    Similar to Pixabay, there’s a great variety of free resources for personal and commercial uses. But credits to author is required if you’re not a premium member. 
  3. Envato Market
    Aka Themeforest or CodeCanyon, sign up to its newsletter for the monthly freebies. You will receive a list of items to download, e.g. WordPress Theme, plugins, audio, video, photoshop actions, 3D model. 

Web Tools:

  1. Built With
    Find out what the website is built with.
  2. Canva
    A graphic design platform that had gained a lot of popularity over the years.
  3. Ezgif
    An easy to use gif editor, edit, crop, resize and optimize your gif animation here. 
  4. IFTTTZapier
    If you are into automation, you should try exploring these. 
  5. Google <- click here for the full list
    Needless to say, Google offers a lot of free awesome tools, to name a few:
    1. Google Calendar
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Google Drive
    4. Google Keep
  6. Imagify / Shortpixel
    Image compression with no quality loss. This is essential to your website performance by reducing size.
  7. Have I been Pwned
    Check if your email and password have been compromised. Read my article here.
  8. Pocket
    Save content from any website to read later.
  9. Trello
    Organize your plans or projects to keep your client updated with this neat and simple boards.
  10. WaveApps
    Financial software for book keeping. 
  11. WeTransfer
    Send large files to your contacts, up to 2gb. 


  1. Blender
    Blender is am free open source 3D creative suite. You can use this for full 2D and 3D animation pipeline. From 3d modeling, animation to compositing, video editing. 
  2. OBS Studio
    Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.
  3. Natron
    Open Source Compositing Software For VFX and Motion Graphics.


Thanks to the content creators in the world who have contributed to the abundance of tutorials available online. We can find almost everything we need here: 

  1. Facebook Community
    Join a community of the topics you are interested in. Most of the members in popular groups are very supportive, you should be able to get a reply from the support team or members quickly.
  2. Quora
    Similar to the above, but topics are not as defined as community. 
  3. W3Schools
    You can learn to program in HTML, CSS, Java, Python, etc and test your script here.
  4. Wikipedia
    Free online encyclopedia, I even obtain guides on how to clean the toilet or take care of my pets here. 
  5. Youtube
    Not my preferred channel as time is wasted watching with no solution sometimes, but Youtube tutorial helps a lot when it comes to the GUI navigations sometimes.


Looking for more ideas on your projects? Find them here:

That’s all for now, I will keep adding more to the list when I come across more useful links. Share your recommendation in a comment!

Last updated on 1st May 2020

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