Elementor is 6 years old! Up to 60% off everything.

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Interested in creating your own website or becoming a web designer? Have you been struggling with WordPress for too long? It’s about time you tried Elementor, a WordPress page builder!

Elementor is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that enables you to create beautiful, dynamic, responsive pages quickly. Your WordPress website is at your fingertips with its easy to use drag and drop interface. Combine any content type with any style, and see a live preview of what it will look like instantly. With thousands of free and paid templates, add-ons available in the market, you’ll have everything you need to make your website stand out.

To celebrate their 6th birthday, they are offering 30% off Elementor cloud hosting today through 1st June 2022. This is a pretty good deal for a single license plus hosting. 

Alternatively, you can get the plugin plan (up to 60% off) if you want to host yourself. I have subscribed to the agency plan since 2019 and have created many wonderful websites. With which I have bundled it with my web maintenance on retainer and this has been a great investment so far. 

And yes, this site was built using Elementor Pro! 

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