Eternal Saga: Region Tactics – How to Purchase Sea Princess Tiffany Skin

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Hello everyone! I am adding a new category for gaming reviews and tips. My first post will be about Eternal Saga: Region Tactics, a strategic RPG mobile game I’ve been grinding for a few months. Let me share a guide about how you can get Tiffany skin by 31st August 2022 before I write a proper review. 

How to get Sea Princess Tiffany skin?

The skin can be purchased with 50x Season Skin Exchange Ticket. The item is actually a cash item, available in the Eternal Pass -> Season Pass for $10.98 (in Singapore). 
After purchasing the pass, you will still need to finish missions to receive the rewards, including the Season Skin Exchange Ticket. If you play the game daily, it shouldn’t be a problem to obtain all the rewards.

Is it worth the price?

In my case, I am playing this game for free and do not intend to spend money on cash items at the moment. In general, I think the season rewards are great, they’re nice to have, but not essential. Hope this helps!

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